Fuss Feed

The company commenced trading in 1994 as a manufacture of Compound Feed for poultry, cows and pigs; it has since diversified to manufacture higher margin Premix and Concentrate Feed, operating two production lines at its plant in Shou Guang City, Shandong.


In August 2001, Fu-Rich began trading as a producer and seller of a range of condiments for human consumption, primary of different types of soya source, vinegar and bean paste under its own brand names. In addition to its own products, it also sells other food products such as pickled products, fungi products, chilli oil and other flavour-enhancers (including MSG and chicken bouillon seasoning) that are sourced from third party manufacturers and resold under its own brand names. Fu-Rich was recognised as one of the top brands in Shandong for vinegar and soya sauce products in both 2005 and 2006.

Future Strategy

New Facilities in Shou Guang City

In order to be better positioned to service future growth in demand for the Group’s products, the Company completed the construction of a modern soya sauce factory in the nearby city of Shou Guang in May 2010. The first phase of expansion is complete at the Group’s new factory, and production has now commenced.

Construction was completed in May 2010 when the new site became the Full Fortune Group’s corporate headquarters and Fu-Rich re-located its soya sauce production to a new purpose built plant, thereby improving capacity for vinegar and bean paste production at the existing Weifang City facility. The new plant increases Fu-Rich’s production capacity by 50 per cent. from 100,000 to 150,000 tonnes per annum. It is proposed that in due course there will be further phases, adding capacity of 50,000 tonnes each.

Last updated 18 Feb 2011